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The Final Girls (2015)

Ryan Larson
The Final Girls Finale Billy

How well does The Final Girls (2015) succeed at being a slasher? That's what we are here to find out! We tackle this meta flick from Todd Strauss-Schulson in this weeks episode. We go over every aspect of the movie, the movie within the movie, all the amazing easter eggs and what makes this meta slasher different from others in the genre.

See where The Final Girls ranked here!

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The Carpenter (1988)

Ryan Larson

This week Ryan & Bee are joined by Aaron Dries & Brennan Klein for a very special episode dissecting 1988's The Carpenter. This Wings Hauser led Canadian slasher has a lot more to unpack than you would think and our hosts really dive into it. We talk kills, quirky dialogue, character motives, and even who we would cast if we remade the film. (Somebody, please, pay us to remake this film)

Friday the 13th Part 2 (1981)

Ryan Larson

We head back to Crystal Lake this week with Friday the 13th Part 2 from 1981! We compare and contrast the film from the original, discuss the questionable lingerie choices of our cast and what a bad ass final girl Ginny is.

Keep Screaming Summer (Playlist)

Ryan Larson

We love horror. We especially love slashers! But we also have a wide range of interest in the pop culture spectrum. Every episode we give you a little taste of what we are watching, reading and listening to outside of the movie we cover.

We thought it would be fun to share a playlist of songs that we are listening to this summer. 5 picked by Ryan and 5 picked by Bee. These are the songs that just feel like summer to us right now.

Keep Screaming Summer Playlist

Ryan’s Picks

  • Reap What You Sow - Better Off

    • It’s not a phase, Mom. I’ve been an emo kid since middle school and I’ve never shook the genre. Better Off is basically Brand New the way of post-punk sensibilities and this comeback album boasted this dreamy, clear sky anthem of a one-sided relationship.

  • Hold Me Tight (Or Don’t) - Fall Out Boy

    • Fall Out Boy is my favorite band. Easy. Doesn’t matter if it’s the bleeding heart pop-punk of From Under the Cork Tree or the exploration of sound on Mania, they’re it. This jam is from the latter, it’s an instant earworm, with a whistle hook that instantly grabs you and a snap beat that will keep you tapping your foot to Stumps na-na-na’s.

  • Drew Barrymore - Bryce Vine

    • Bryce Vine is getting bigger and while La La Land is getting the radio play, I’m a big fan of his earlier single, highlighting everyone’s favorite Angel. A synth beat that makes you feel like you’re cruising the beach in So Cal, it’s a mellow song perfect for a beer on the patio as the sun winds down.

  • I’m Gonna Do My Own Thing - Chance the Rapper

    • In contrast to the Bryce Vine song, Chance is an upbeat, uptempo gospel inspired breath of fresh air. Roll your windows down and crank the volume, this one will have you dancing in the car. 

  • Never Really Over - Katy Perry

    • This is the definition of a summer bop. I used to love Katy Perry and haven’t dug a lot of her work in recent years but this transports me back to the summer after high school when Katy was dropping facts about young love to a naive kid in a small town. (If Ry didn’t pick this Bee would have)

Bee’s Picks

  • Summer Days - Martin Garrix, Mackelmore & Fall Out Boy

    • I mean what says summer more than a song called summer days? Honestly I’m a sucker for any song with Patrick Stump crooning on it, but this is genuinely a great pop song! And as a bonus I actually enjoy Mackelmore’s verses. This is just a great summer bop.

  • Feels - Maren Morris

    • This is the perfect pop country summer song. Maren singing about how her man gives her “the feels” all day to an upbeat guitar? This is a song my shoulders shimmy to while i’m in the car belting it out. Makes me want to go home to my man!

  • Not Ready to Wake Up - Aly & Aj

    • These Disney pop stars grew up and embraced the new pop of 2019. What does this mean? We have dreamy synth pop from my childhood favorites! Maybe I’m just still in a honeymoon phases but these love songs are giving me life. Something about summer just feels like the perfect time to be in love and I want all the upbeat songs about it.

  • Used to Be - Jonas Brothers

    • THEY BACK! They came back and honestly their new music is so great. I could have put any song from their new album on here because it’s all in heavy rotation this summer. I know you have all heard Sucker and Cool so I’m throwing this one in. It’s one of my favorites off the new album. Somehow they turned a breakup ballad song into a banger… how? I love it, you should to.

  • Good Vibes - Chris Janson

    • I don’t know about you, but most of my weekend during the summer involve me in a body of water with a beer in my hand. This song is the perfect companion to that. This summer, good vibes only.

Listen to the playlist now and let us know what you think!

For those of you without Apple Music, you can listen on Spotify here!

Friday the 13th (1980)

Ryan Larson

Well, we are doing it. We are finally dissecting on the biggest slashers of all time. Or at least… the slasher that started one of the most famous franchises of all time. Friday the 13th came out in 1980 and forever changed the horror genre. But before we dive into all of that, we have an extra long Pop-Culture check in for you all.

We announce that we will be returning to Midsummer Scream in Long Beach this year August 5th & 6th. And then we have a special guest episode at the end of July with Brennan Klein & Aaron Dries where we will be watching The Carpenter!

Then we get into what Ryan and Bee consumed outside of Friday the 13th this week. Ryan went Disney and watched Dumbo and Toy Story 4 but don’t worry he also caught Annabelle Comes Home in theaters as well. Bee spent her past two week juggling work and motherhood for the first time, and spending quality time with her sister and family. But she did check out Bride of Chucky for the first time and Netflix’s Adam Sandler & Jennifer Anniston starring Murder Mystery. She also finds herself defending Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom and praising its horror elements.

Then we start talking about Friday the 13th 1980! This iconic slasher was directed by Sean S Cunningham and written by Victor Miller.

We go into the genius marketing plan spearheaded by Cunningham, the horror legends who have worked on the film including makeup and special effects artist Tom Savini. We look into what this movie means for the genre, how it created the slasher craze of the 1980’s and shaped the tropes we are now familiar with.

Then, like we do every week we analyze the plot by going kill by kill and then we talk about our final girl, killer and where this movie ranks on our list!

See where Friday the 13th ranked here!

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Cut (2000)

Ryan Larson

This week we dive into a Post-Scream film from down under! That’s right, we are dissecting 2000’s Austrailian slasher Cut.

In our Pop Culture Check in we discuss the new season of Netflix’s Slasher, all 5 Final Destinations, John Wick 3, Brightburn and Ryan’s experience at Texas Frightmare.

Then we get to Cut! This meta movie goes a little like this. “The cast and crew of the horror flick HOT BLOODED are learning first hand what it means to be stalked by a masked killer. When the director is viciously murdered on set, the production is shut down and the film locked away, incomplete. But every time the footage is screened, somebody dies...Fourteen years later, a group of enthusiastic film students decides to finish HOT BLOODED. After shooting commences on the eerie film location, the students start to disappear one by one. Now, they just have to finish the film before it finishes them.”

Directed by Kimble Rendall and written by Dave Warner this film stars Molly Ringwalkd, Jessica Napier, Frank Roberts with a fun cameo by international superstar Kylie Minogue.

See where Cut ranked here!

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The Mutilator (1984)

Ryan Larson

This week we dissect 1984's The Mutilator, originally titled Fall Break. Written & directed by Buddy Cooper (his debut and ultimately only film) and starring a cast of... well real-life college students!

In our Pop Culture check-in we talk TV! Bee takes advantage of her maternity leave and catches up on The CW shows that are in their last season, iZombie & Jane the Virgin. She binge watched the first season of Roswell, New Mexico and give it a solid “A” review. She moves on to HBO and starts The Leftovers, continues to obsesses over Barry and watched the first episode of Game of Thrones. (Yes, she knows she is VERY late to the party on that one). Ryan checks in on horror classic The Changeling and offsets that with a lovable bear and finally watches Paddington.

Then we move onto The Mutilator! A cult classic now widely available thanks to Arrow Video and Shudder (we streamed on Shudder to watch it). We break down the very weird tonal shifts the movie seems to take, the college kids playing actors, and of course the insane kills and killer!

Prom Night (1980)

Podcast EpisodeRyan Larson
Prom Night Title Card Gif

Back from our break that you didn't even know about, Bee and Ryan have shared a few movies, including the biggest movie EVER (probably) Avengers: Endgame and the cute Netflix original Someone Great. Plus, some sick ass disco as we cover Prom Night and Liam's first podcasting appearance!

See where the oridingal Prom Night ranked here!

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The Clown At Midnight (1999)

Ryan Larson

Scouring through the nineties, Bee and Ryan have managed to find an obscure theater slasher that carries some heavy weight actors. Plus, we check in on where Bee is in her action movie download and Ryan watches some more sports movies.

See where The Clown at Midnight ranked here!

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Deep Red (1975)

Ryan Larson

Ryan and Bee are back with another giallo, but first, a big life update. They also dive into more cheesy and non-cheesy action flicks, Captain Marvel, some bubblegum pop renaissance before finally breaking open their first look at Argento with Deep Red.

See where Deep Red ranked here!

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Valentine (2001)

Ryan Larson

In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we dissect one of the most divisive but we dare say underrated, holiday slashers, Valentine!

In our Pop Culture Check-In, Bee keys us into her thoughts on the Predator series and Ryan has finally seen Reservoir Dogs.

This 2001 Jamie Blanks (Urban Legend) slasher stars David Boreanaz (Angel, Bones), Denise Richards (Wild Things, Starship Troopers) & Marley Shelton (Death Proof, Never Been Kissed, Scream 4).

We find a lot to love about this 80's inspired slasher and go over all the gory details in the new episode.

See where Valentine ranked here!

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Happy Birthday To Me (1981)

Ryan Larson

It's Bee's birthday month and we are celebrating with a brand new episode! In honor of the birthday girl, we check in with Canada and their 1981 slasher Happy Birthday To Me!

In our Pop Culture check-in Ryan and Bee gush over a teen drama...or two or three. What's new? We also touch base with our journey back through Harry Potter and our New Year's resolutions.

See where Happy Birthday To Me ranked here!

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New Year's Evil (1980)

Ryan Larson

Happy 2019! This is a big year for us, as we spent all of 2018 releasing new episodes! We can’t wait to head into the new year with more great slasher movies to dissect.

Our first film of the new year is 1980’s New Year’s Evil directed by Emmett Alston and starring Roz Kelly & Kip Niven. One of the first films to come out in the post-Halloween holiday themed slashers craze. This film follows an LA Disc Jockey on New Year Eve, as she receives ominous phone calls from a man named EVIL who promises to murder at midnight in every time zone.

This crazy and campy 80s fare is a great film to add to your yearly holiday tradition. With a punk bank named Shadow and a slasher icon who changes outfits each kill, you’re guaranteed to have fun.

See where New Year’s Evil ranked here!

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Black X-Mas (2006)

Ryan Larson

Ryan and Bee detail their holiday viewings, as well as some New Years (and early 2019) plans. After discussing some favorite fictional Santas and books they've dove into, they come to this week's film: Black Xmas.

See where Black X-Mas ranked here!

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Black Christmas (1974)

Ryan Larson
Black Christmas

It’s a very merry black Christmas! All month long we are celebrating the holiday season with Black Christmas! Starting off with 1974’s iconic Black Christmas directed by none other than Bob Clark (yes, the same director as A Christmas Story!). This 70’s slasher is a must see and our episode premieres December 10th.

For our pop culture check in Bee divulges that she is in a movie slump, but somehow still watches one million things. In a more negative light, she discusses her disappointment in Pitch Perfect 3 and the negative outlook on love in Table 19 (2017). Ryan and her both praise Love, Simon(2018) and Murder on the Orient Express(2018) and dive into Blumhouse’s collaboration with Hulu in their Into the Dark series. Bee finally watched A Quiet Place (2018) and predicts it making her top list for horror this year.

Ryan chimes in on the odd & very 90’s feeling of Venom, as well as the Sicario sequel, Eli Roth’s The House With a Clock In Its Walls and how he believe Mission Impossible has beat out Fast & the Furious for best action franchise.

Then we dive into the influential and ever important proto-slaser Black Christmas.

Stay tuned for December 24th when we follow that up with 2006’s Black Xmas directed by Glen Morgan. A mean spirited millennium remake that takes it’s creative liberties with the story as opposed to a shot for shot remake. At the end of this episode, we will compare the two films!