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Silent Night, Deadly Night

Podcast EpisodeRyan Larson1 Comment

In the fourth episode, Ryan and Bee take a look at holiday cult classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. They also reveal what they thought of Better Watch Out, why they love Jamie Lee Curtis, and thoughts on movies where dogs die. (Spoilers: we don't want to see them!)

Bee talks about her thoughts on Annabelle Creation, Better Watch Out, Black Christmas and Gerald's Game. She also discusses some of her current TV obsessions including Riverdale and Glitch.

Ryan confesses his love to James Franco in Disastor Artist, discussess how beautiful and gross Raw is and complains about the Golden Globes. 

Then we dive into Silent Night Deadly Night from 1984! We go over the director, poster, score and casting and explore each kill.

We dissect the killer and his effectiveness as we continue our love affair with themed killers.

Check it out and enjoy!