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Terror Train

Terror TrainRyan LarsonComment

In our New Years episode, we cover a New Years slasher, on New Years Eve! This week Bee and Ryan take a look at the 1980 cult classic, Terror Train, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and a man with the weirdest mouth in Hollywood.

Bee had a light week in her pop culture check in, but she does give her thoughts on It Comes At Night and Netflix's CW staring Christmas movies A Christmas Prince A Christmas Inheritance

Ryan catches up on #OscarBait films and his joy in finding out Wind River accurately depicts life on the reservation for many Native Americans.

We quickly move onto our first film of 2018, Terror Train. Dissecting the score, the many posters, its status as a slasher staple and Ben Johnson's portrayal of a man in love with the railway.

Happy New Year screamers, we hope you enjoy the episode!