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My Bloody Valentine 3D (2009)

Podcast EpisodeRyan Larson

We did it! A feature and its remake. We close out our My Bloody Valentine month with My Bloody Valentine 3D. This 2009 remake flips and reverses the original storyline and makes its miner 10x as brutal and menacing. A dark and gritty take on the Harry Warden tale, this 2009 3D fare is menacing, brutal and almost terrifying. A great example of what can be done with the power of 3D to tear a part an unlikeable cast.

But of course, we start off our episode with our pop culture check-in. Bee gushes about Mad Men and how it helped her find her design groove. She also DID NOT HATE WISH UPON. Ryan chimes in on the love for The Ritual and what he is officially labeling the cybernatural sub-genre of horror.

Then the fun begins, My Bloody Valentine 3D. A film both Ryan and Bee saw in the theater upon original release and remembered fondly. Bee watched it in both 2D & 3D over the two weeks and found she caught some more of the subtle plot points the second time around. 

We go into the similarities and differences of this and the original and find its place in our ranking. So which version reigns supreme? Take a listen now!

See where My Bloody Valentine ranked here!

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