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New Year's Evil (1980)

Ryan Larson

Happy 2019! This is a big year for us, as we spent all of 2018 releasing new episodes! We can’t wait to head into the new year with more great slasher movies to dissect.

Our first film of the new year is 1980’s New Year’s Evil directed by Emmett Alston and starring Roz Kelly & Kip Niven. One of the first films to come out in the post-Halloween holiday themed slashers craze. This film follows an LA Disc Jockey on New Year Eve, as she receives ominous phone calls from a man named EVIL who promises to murder at midnight in every time zone.

This crazy and campy 80s fare is a great film to add to your yearly holiday tradition. With a punk bank named Shadow and a slasher icon who changes outfits each kill, you’re guaranteed to have fun.

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