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A horror podcast by two best friends, dissecting slasher movies... one by one.


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Bee and Ryan discuss Bee's birthday party, how good (and depressing) Black Mirror is and the splatastic gore of the American slasher.

Bee's pop culture check in has her talking about what she has been reading with her ears, starting with Paula Hawkin's Into the Water. A great mystery about a town with a river, known as a drowning pool that does a great job of getting rid of troublesome women. Told from the perspective of the whole town, its a great entry into the "untrustworthy narrator" theme. She also read the very strange and specific plot of Keep her Safe and started Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects.

Then Ryan annoys Bee with talk of wrestling, (tweet him about it so Bee doesn't have to hear it) and why he finally gave Rick and Morty a chance. (Community, that's why.) He loved it and so did his wife, and that's what we call a win-win

Pop culture, check. Our slasher of the week, Hatchet!

Holy smokes, Adam Green how did you do it? We gush about the insanely talented and kind director and writer on his DEBUT film. Why Kane Hodder is even better as Victor Crowley than he is as Jason and why this movie is a true love letter the the genre and its fans. 

Check it out and enjoy!