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My Bloody Valentine (1981)

Ryan Larson
My Bloody Valentine Harry Warden

It's February and you know what that means!? The season of love is here. To celebrate Valentine's Day we here at Keep Screaming have decided to tackle our first ever episodes focused on an original slasher, and then it's remake! What better film to do this with than the iconic My Bloody Valentine. 

First up is the 1981original My Bloody Valentine. A slasher that is just on the cusp of being well known. A Canadian fare full of hearts, hot dogs and pickaxes. We dive into the charming town of Valentine Bluff and its mining residents, discuss how each of them get killed off and the legend behind Harry Warden.

Check out the episode now to hear our thoughts on this very important early slasher, and check in for the follow up episode on the Supernatural hunk led remake from 2009. We will disucuss the film on it's own and then compare the two.

See where My Bloody Valentine ranked here!

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