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Keep Screaming Summer (Playlist)

Ryan Larson

We love horror. We especially love slashers! But we also have a wide range of interest in the pop culture spectrum. Every episode we give you a little taste of what we are watching, reading and listening to outside of the movie we cover.

We thought it would be fun to share a playlist of songs that we are listening to this summer. 5 picked by Ryan and 5 picked by Bee. These are the songs that just feel like summer to us right now.

Keep Screaming Summer Playlist

Ryan’s Picks

  • Reap What You Sow - Better Off

    • It’s not a phase, Mom. I’ve been an emo kid since middle school and I’ve never shook the genre. Better Off is basically Brand New the way of post-punk sensibilities and this comeback album boasted this dreamy, clear sky anthem of a one-sided relationship.

  • Hold Me Tight (Or Don’t) - Fall Out Boy

    • Fall Out Boy is my favorite band. Easy. Doesn’t matter if it’s the bleeding heart pop-punk of From Under the Cork Tree or the exploration of sound on Mania, they’re it. This jam is from the latter, it’s an instant earworm, with a whistle hook that instantly grabs you and a snap beat that will keep you tapping your foot to Stumps na-na-na’s.

  • Drew Barrymore - Bryce Vine

    • Bryce Vine is getting bigger and while La La Land is getting the radio play, I’m a big fan of his earlier single, highlighting everyone’s favorite Angel. A synth beat that makes you feel like you’re cruising the beach in So Cal, it’s a mellow song perfect for a beer on the patio as the sun winds down.

  • I’m Gonna Do My Own Thing - Chance the Rapper

    • In contrast to the Bryce Vine song, Chance is an upbeat, uptempo gospel inspired breath of fresh air. Roll your windows down and crank the volume, this one will have you dancing in the car. 

  • Never Really Over - Katy Perry

    • This is the definition of a summer bop. I used to love Katy Perry and haven’t dug a lot of her work in recent years but this transports me back to the summer after high school when Katy was dropping facts about young love to a naive kid in a small town. (If Ry didn’t pick this Bee would have)

Bee’s Picks

  • Summer Days - Martin Garrix, Mackelmore & Fall Out Boy

    • I mean what says summer more than a song called summer days? Honestly I’m a sucker for any song with Patrick Stump crooning on it, but this is genuinely a great pop song! And as a bonus I actually enjoy Mackelmore’s verses. This is just a great summer bop.

  • Feels - Maren Morris

    • This is the perfect pop country summer song. Maren singing about how her man gives her “the feels” all day to an upbeat guitar? This is a song my shoulders shimmy to while i’m in the car belting it out. Makes me want to go home to my man!

  • Not Ready to Wake Up - Aly & Aj

    • These Disney pop stars grew up and embraced the new pop of 2019. What does this mean? We have dreamy synth pop from my childhood favorites! Maybe I’m just still in a honeymoon phases but these love songs are giving me life. Something about summer just feels like the perfect time to be in love and I want all the upbeat songs about it.

  • Used to Be - Jonas Brothers

    • THEY BACK! They came back and honestly their new music is so great. I could have put any song from their new album on here because it’s all in heavy rotation this summer. I know you have all heard Sucker and Cool so I’m throwing this one in. It’s one of my favorites off the new album. Somehow they turned a breakup ballad song into a banger… how? I love it, you should to.

  • Good Vibes - Chris Janson

    • I don’t know about you, but most of my weekend during the summer involve me in a body of water with a beer in my hand. This song is the perfect companion to that. This summer, good vibes only.

Listen to the playlist now and let us know what you think!

For those of you without Apple Music, you can listen on Spotify here!