Keep Screaming

A horror podcast by two best friends, dissecting slasher movies... one by one.


Meet the Cast

Ryan and Bee met in the summer of 2008 in a record store in their hometown of Ukiah, California. They immediately bonded over their love for music, pop culture and of course horror. They have spent countless hours of their friendship going to the theater, having movie nights and discussing their favorite films. Now, you get to hear those conversations.

Ryan Larson

Ryan Larson

Ryan likes to try and surround himself with any and all things pop culture. While adoring everything from obscure Saturday morning cartoons to serial audio dramas, his true love shines through in horror, wrestling, and comic books.

He is an aspiring screenwriter and his writings can also be found online at Blumhouse, Shock Till You Drop, and That's Not Current. He is founder and co-editor of horror media hub Ghastly Grinning.

Find Ryan on Twitter at @ryanlarson

Bee Bass

Bee Bass

The only person you will meet who references actors by their cancelled television shows instead of their blockbuster hits. Oh yeah you know Bradley Cooper, from Kitchen Confidential?

Horror came into her life young. Devouring every Halloween & Horror themed cartoon, television show and movie she could until she could roam the video store racks herself, grabbing every slasher DVD she could convince her mother to let her watch.

Equally obsessed with horror as she is with design. She graduated from Sacramento State with a Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design.

Bee works as a Graphic Designer in Sacramento where she lives with her husband, baby and two dogs.

Find Bee on Twitter @beenotbea